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Katie I think peter's back. are you sure i just got a new image the screen name on the sender is hugz he just uploaded this to me we're sure it's a new image same boy time and date stamped an hour ago. Are communicating directly with this hugz no i'm in a chat room i was just fishing put him up carl, i need to know where this chat room originated. People listen up we have a boy we named Peter a year ago.hey, jamie will you help me out here college boy you're pathetic. and my kid went on a long trip with her father, and I had to say goodbye, I wouldn't be fine i'll have a scotch. she's just so happy about it Many of these children have been kidnapped and sold into pedophile rings one year ago, the same boy appeared on several web sites used by pedophiles he was a new face then. after a massive hunt led by out crimes against children unit

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